Real estate investments, when approached with proper knowledge and strategy, can provide lifelong financial security, and serve as a means to create generational wealth. Unfortunately, there have been instances of failed investments that have led many individuals to completely avoid any involvement in the Nigerian real estate market. 

Further investigation reveals that there are individuals with the financial capacity to make significant investments in real estate, but

they either underestimate its potential or lack the necessary knowledge to navigate the market effectively.

The purpose of this book is to dispel the misconception that investing in Nigerian real estate is futile. It presents various viable

and highly profitable real estate investment methods. The author, who has overseen numerous successful real estate transactions

worth millions of naira for clients both locally and abroad, passionately believes that anyone can achieve significant success in the real estate industry. In her own words, “Real estate does not discriminate based on age, background, or social status. If you

understand the game, you can achieve great success.” 

The guidelines provided in this book are the result of many years of

experience in the real estate market. Drawing from firsthand experiences of failed investments as well as overseeing numerous successful transactions that have generated substantial returns for clients, the author is well-equipped to offer valuable advice for your next investment. Her expertise in the real estate industry is

unparalleled, making her the ideal guide for your investment journey.

Adaeze Obikoya is an accomplished real estate consultant who manages a reputable real estate sales and marketing firm in Lagos,


With a focus on sales, marketing, and the acquisition of both residential and commercial properties within Nigeria, she is deeply

enthusiastic about empowering individuals to become property owners. 

She consistently advocates for initiatives that contribute to success stories within the real estate sector. As an advocate for

continuous service improvement, she takes pride in alleviating the challenges typically associated with buying or selling real estate in


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